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    Big Brother Naija - Nigerians speaks on the just concluded show

    Miracle deserved to win. He won almost 90% of the arena games. He didn’t have a record of an outburst or serious fight. He was able to socialise and also get along with everyone and even those who were against him.

    He was able to co-exist with them in the same house, without a major fight. The show was massive and entertaining… entertainment taken to a different level.

    I think BBNaija is a game of who is the fan’s favorite. Miracle came into the house with a distinct identity, “Pilot”.   That automatically made him become everyone’s favorite house mate especially the ladies. He deserved to win because he won the hearts of the ladies and everyone out there. Big Brother Naija was intriguing and will always have fans glued to the TV each year, because apart from football there’s no other show that brings us together in one accord. 

    My advice to the ex house-mates is: One year ago nobody knew who you were and one year after they won’t remember who you were, so please monetize your relationships, don’t be carried away by the collaborations, free photo shoots, club appearances etc . 

    I wanted   Tobi to win, but I’m happy Miracle won – Chris Onems, Radio Presenter 

    I think Miracle deserved to win. If you followed the show closely you would realize that he won most of the competitions while in the house and he is a person that observes very well before he takes actions. I think he is a very cool person so, he deserves the money most definitely. 

    I actually wanted Tobi to win the money but all the same, I was very happy that one of the two coolest guys in house won. Also, Miracle would use the money well to further his schooling, I think it is cool. 

    It was fun, but has no positive impact on the lives of viewers – Morakinyo Akinkunmi 

    The show is a total waste of time – Oyindamola Onifade-Johnson, Fashion Designer 

    From all the odds, Miracle seemed to know how to relate with his fans, he had a great story, nice personality, a lot of people were on his side and he was pleasant. It was a clear win for him! But I feel big brother is a total waste of time! It’s a way for youth to dwell in the spirit of idleness and laziness, it doesn’t teach anything meaningful. Although it positively showcased diverse personalities from different facets of life, exploring their potentials to the fullest. I liked Rico and Miracle the few times I watched though. But nevertheless they all showcased great potentials. 

    CeeC was the real “Double Wahala” – Victor Udoh, Media Personality 

    I actually wanted CeeC to win. I even lost some of my followers when I declared my support for her on my instagram page. She really portrayed the theme of this year’s edition ‘’Double Wahala”. She made the show exciting. She was very real in the house. Sentiments aside, I didn’t see anything special Miracle did in the house.

    BBNaija was well   planned and scripted. They used CeeC to boost votes so as to get more money.You know CeeC was trending due to her attitude, which made people dislike her. BBNaija used her so people would vote more. More votes meant more money for the organisers. They played on the psyche and emotions of people so as to make money.

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