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    Must Read! - Back from Heaven and Hell With A Message

    This message is called from the book (Escaping Hell fire and Entering Heaven Made simple), a testimony of divine encounter and revelation of Michael Thomas Sambo written by Pastor Paul Rika(the international director of Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide )

         Little Background story; 
    Michael Thomas Sambo is from Taraba State, he was visited by Jesus and two angels in the Deeper Life Easter Retreat in 2003 with the caption "EXPERIENCING THE HOLY SPIRIT " an eye witness saw that he died, Jesus took him to Heaven and to Hell. He came back to life to share the testimony.

    The scripture promised that God will take people to Hell and bring them back to warn the people {Isaiah 66:24, Ezekiel 40:4}.
    Jesus, the two angels and I stood together. He pointed his hand to hell and said, "Man cannot understand the nature of the torments of hell, however, go and tell him...
    In my third visit to heaven and hell ,the Lord Jesus and his angels had welcomed me with a smile at the beautiful pearl gate. We all stood quietly at the gate. I saw the smiling face of Jesus suddenly changed into a sad and sorrowful one. I wonder what could have been responsible for that but I later understood the reason by the event that followed immediately after.


    When we were at the gate,a believer died on earth and was coming. He died that Monday around 6.00pm,not long after I was taken up. As he was coming towards the gate he was crying and pleading "Will there not be mercy for me again? "What happened? Jesus narrated to me the incidence of this man.
    He was a fervent believer whose name was in the book of life on Monday morning,he bade farewell to his family and left for a journey. But unfortunately for him,satan has prepared a seductive lady for him in a public vehicle he boarded. When they arrived at their destination he took the lady to a hotel and slept with her within that period the devil succeeded in killing him. At the gate,he cried and pleaded with Jesus for mercy and forgiveness. The book of record opened on it's own accord. The man's record showed that adultery was the only sin that removed his name from the book of life. His name was in the book of life in the morning of that day,but by evening of the same day it has been removed. "Once you sin as a believer if your name was in the book of life it will be removed and if you die that period you are going to hell. (Ezekiel 33:13). Every sin you have committed from childhood to now is in record against you in Heaven and will only be cleaned by the blood of Jesus, when you make Jesus your Lord and Savior sincerely here on earth and repent and openly confess every known sin and also confess it to be totally free from it. (Proverbs 28:13).

    What is that since you have been battling with ,you are are minister of the gospel but the sin is still there, is it masturbation you don't understand yourself, once the urge to have sex come you can't control it but masturbate or go on the internet and watch pornographic videos or naked pictures ,you are going to hell look up, the rapture will soon take place and you are yet to be ready? Is it sinful thoughts? Is it immortality? You have done it your soul is in danger, you are dying, you can't stop it, and you are bound in darkness. Are you a cultist, you have joined secret society, danger here on earth and danger in eternity, are you a homosexual? Your soul is in darkness .Your soul is in darkness. What are you waiting for? Until you die? Rush now, Jesus wants to save you.

    Prayer: Lord Jesus, I have been wrong all this while, I am a sinner and I am ashamed of my sins, but I completely to you forgive me ,cleanse me from sin and save my soul from hell. I am serious. I won't go back to my sin in Jesus name. Amen .

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