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    Must Read! Facts About Witchcraft

    If a person believes strongly enough that someone has power to harm him/her,he may actually become ill.
    Anyone who believes he is bewitched or has been given 'juju' is really the victim of his own fears 

    A 'witch' has no power over other people, except for her ability to make them believe that she has. For this reason; 
         It is impossible to bewitch a person 
         Who does not believe in witchcraft. 

    Some people think that they are 'bewitched' when they have strange or frightening illnesses (such as tumors of the abdomen or a mental attack). 
    Such sicknesses have nothing to do with witchcraft or black magic.
    Their causes are natural .

      Do not waste your money at 'magic centers' that claim to cure witchcraft. And do not seek protection from or revenge against a witch, because it will not solve anything. If you are seriously ill, go for medical help.... 

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