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    Must Read! Types Of Students

       Types Of Students

    Back in those days, there were different kinds of students, we had..

    1. The NERDS, there were so booky but they never scored high marks.

    2. The NOISE MAKERS,always at the back of the class cracking your ribs and causing trouble for the whole class.

    3. The ONE student loved by all the teachers, doesn't read but tops the whole class.

    4. The STUBBORN students who was intelligent but hated by all teachers.

    5. The BEAUTY QUEEN of the class who's always hooking out for her cleanliness.

    6. The CLEAN GUYS who got the swags that every other student would like to emulate.

    7. The NOSY students always gossiping.

    8. The CHALK worms,always at the board writing.

    9. The DAY DREAMERS always dreaming when they should be studying.

    10. Also the ONLOOKERS,they don't blend with anyone,they just look and observe.

      So, where do you belong? Comment below

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