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    The Democratisation of Democracy and 2019 Elections

    All the ills of democracy can only be cured by more democracy”– Alfred Smith -1873-1944.

    Democracy is defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people...

    DEMOCRACY, by isochronal and intertextual condensing, including but not limited to Jeffersonian, Lincolnian and Grecian normative standard, is the political doctrine that recognises the institutionalisation of liberal structures of governance that enfranchises and gives the people the rights to elect and remove their leaders.

    But, in the Nigerian so-called democratic ambience, the above–mentioned definition of democracy is a consummate misnomer. Democracy in Nigeria is the wresting and larceny of power by rigging, thuggery, assassinations, kidnappings and total Machiavellian acrobatics. 

    It is the stealing of power by a criminal league, concourse and clique called Political Party for and through their individual members leading to the pauperisation of the franchise and breach of all tenets of universal adult suffrage. It is the selling of souls to the devil with power as the quid pro quo.

    The Nigerian so-called democracy of today reflects all the characteristics of fascism and despotism. We have no opposition, indeed Nigeria is a one-party, APC, state sunken in the Cauldron of masqueraded totalitarianism. 

    The APC/PDP are locked in somnambulistic political slumber. We therefore need to build structures and reorientations that will enhance and concretise the democratisation of our democracy. Otherwise, we will be reechoing the observations of the political analyst, Dr .H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) that, “The saddest life is that of a political aspirant under a cursed democracy. His failure is ignominious and his success is disgraceful.”

    The composition of the Electoral Commission should be the responsibility of a broad spectrum of Nigerians and not the exclusive preserve of the predominant and ruling political party. We must have representatives from the Nigerian Bar Association, Civil Society Organisations, Labour Unions, Women Organisations, Student Unions, Youth Organisations, etc. This will ensure a free and fair electoral process and will help to lessen political tension.

    The snatching of ballot boxes and rigging  will be greatly ameliorated if elections are held simultaneously on all fronts across the nation. The democratisation of democracy will be consolidated if we hold elections between 9am-10am till 12 noon. 

    A voter can come for accreditation, confirm his name in the voters’ register and go home. From 11am, the voter queues up, collects ballot paper, goes into the closet, do the thumb printing there and then bring the thumb printed ballot paper to the open and drops it in the ballot box. The voting process can be over in just one hour. The votes are then counted and the result sheets are given to everybody. This process will not allow professional vote riggers to manipulate the voting process.

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