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    Healing Without Medicines

    For most sicknesses no medicine are needed. Our bodies have their own defenses, or ways to resist and fight diseases. In most cases, these natural defenses are far more important to our health than medicines.

    To help the body fight off or overcome a sickness, often all that is needed is to:

    Keep clean
    Get plenty of rest
    Eat well and drink a lot of liquid

    Even in a case of more serious illness, when a medicine may not be needed,it is the body that must overcome the disease ;the medicine only helps.
    Cleanliness, rest, and nutritious food are still very important .

    Many sicknesses can be prevented or treated without medicines .

    If people simply learned how to use Water correctly ,this alone might do more to prevent and cure illnesses than all the medicines they now use and misuse.

    Healing With Water

    Most of us could live without medicines. But no one can live without water .In fact, over half (57%) of human body is water .If everyone living in farms and villages made the best use of water ,the amount of sickness and death, especially of children - could properly be cut half.

      For example, correct use of water is basic both in the prevention and treatment of diarrhea. In many areas, diarrhea is the most common cause of sickness and death in small children .Contaminated (unclean )water is often part of cause.

    To boil water in a pot,                              
    even for one minute
    will kill the germs
    that causes diarrhea,
    and make the water safe.
    Babies should always be
    breast fed, but if a cup and
    and spoon have to be
    used for additional feeds,
    the utensils should also
    be boiled in water.

    If fuel is short, use the sun! A day's supply of drinking water may be put in clear glass or plastic bottles or plastic bags securely closed, and placed in the sun for several hours. The ultra-violet rays in sunlight will purify it even without boiling.
    Overnight the containers can be cooled and the water used for drinking next day.

    Tap water from a borehole or other main supply that has been properly treated is ideal .Obtain this service whenever possible.

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