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    Woman gives birth to third child the same day to her wedding

    Childbirth is a thing of joy for most mothers and it was not an exception for Chinaza Udeolisa. The woman who resides in Anambra only planned and prepared for her wedding on August 25, but things took a different turn after heavily pregnant Chinaza started to feel serious pains. She was rushed to the hospital and was informed by the doctor that her baby was about to make a grand entrance to the world.

     According to reports gathered from Orient Daily, the bride wasn’t expecting her child till the middle of September going by what the doctors had told her. However, the baby obviously had other plans. 

    When it became apparent that the wedding ceremony will have to be delayed, Chinaza’s husband, Emmanuel rushed to the church and pleaded with the officiating priest for more time, and his request was granted.

     Chinaza gave birth to a baby boy, and after the delivery, the couple proceeded to the church for their wedding. It was truly a day of double joy for the couple. It is important to note that the couple have been traditionally married for seven years, but they could not do a church wedding due to financial constraints. 

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