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    Must Read! - Festive season brief summary of love....

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            YOU CAN LOVE AGAIN
    God is not like love, God is love
    You are not like love, you are love... 1 Corinthians 13:1-11.
    - Even if you are hurt before you cannot abandon your nature/personality.
    - When we say you can love again, hear this;
    Relationship is the greatest asset in life, success and progress.
    One thing that makes relationship a success is the nature of love in you.
    - It is the love in you that makes you likeable,
    Anytime you say you don't want to love again, u kinda get isolated from certain people or things.
    - Once love is limited, good people are separated from you.
    - Whatever happens in a relationship is a lesson to be learnt.
    - When ever a relationship goes wrong, check what you have done wrong or where you have gone wrong and take care of it. 

    - As we grow in love, we mature in God.
    If you don't grow in love, what happened in your previous relationships will occur again.
    Love is not grammar, love is exhibited.
    If you must love again, remove evil from your heart.
    Most of the things that happened God allowed it to happen,
    A greater fulfillment in life is tied to your love nature.
    - You can love again is meeting someone you like and can flow with..
    And remember you can give without loving and love without giving...

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